Revamping the Nonprofit Tech jobs list

nptechjobs list


I’ve moved the Nonproft Tech Jobs email distribution list over from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups.  The reason is simple:  Yahoo Groups doesn’t offer an RSS feed, and Google Groups does.  What a trivial point of pain!

However, I’m very excited that NTEN now has a nonprofit tech jobs feed, and Amy Sample Ward asked me to point it at the @NPTechJobs Twitter account, which I was delighted to do.  This gave me nudge I needed to move the list I started to a platform that made it not only possible but easy to use its RSS feed.

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2 thoughts on “Revamping the Nonprofit Tech jobs list

  1. Peter Campbell 10/27/2014 at 2:29 pm Reply

    I’m having some trouble here.. I was subscribed, via RSS, to the Yahoo! NPTech_Jobs list, but it’s possible that it stopped working and I didn’t notice.. I can’t see any way to subscribe to the Google Group. No RSS icons hows up in my address bar and I can;t find an RSS feed link. What am I missing?

  2. Deborah Elizabeth Finn 10/27/2014 at 2:35 pm Reply

    Many thanks to Peter Campbell, also known as the Department of Damn Good Questions! I suspect that what we have here is a set up that makes it easy for the owner of a group to access the URL for the RSS feed, but doesn’t extend the same convenience to group members. At any rate, here it is:

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