Strategy, Capacity Building, and Network Weaving for Mission-Based Organizations

If you are passionate about your organization’s mission, and you need me, then please feel free to contact me for help.

  • Big-picture strategist with an aptitude for logistics and day-to-day operations.
  • Engagement expert, capacity builder, technical assistance provider, partnership builder, network weaver, and facilitator for mission-based organizations.
  • Dedicated student of best practices in inclusion, equity, and positive social change.
  • Pioneer in leveraging and positioning technology for social good.
  • Focused on creating organizational effectiveness in order to ensure the success of programs, goals, and missions.
  • Passionate proponent of collaboration, cross-functional teams, leadership development, communities of practice, knowledge sharing, community building, knowledge management, peer learning, and resource sharing.
  • Advocate for using operational capacity analysis, decision science principles, and community-based participatory research to deliver promised outcomes.
  • Innovator in building supportive networks and online communities, and a widely recognized connector in the nonprofit sector.


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