One thought on “NPO Connect: Not just a skill sharing tool, but an important proof of concept

  1. Paula Cohen 12/19/2012 at 11:03 pm Reply

    NPO Connect looks to to be an innovative and creative approach to the fragmented nature of the nonprofit sector – a wide range of operational and technical skills, and how to acquire them most efficiently, as well as many “how-to” best practices. I’ve completed the Skills-Sharing profile and am eager to move forward with it and see where it leads.

    Deborah’s thoughts on possibilities for expanded offerings triggered a couple of questions

    The Skills Exchange and Mentor/Mentee feature
    – How does NPO C plan to help this gain momentum, so it becomes the go-to
    – A process to evaluate the quality and level of expertise of contributors
    – Guidelines/processes that clarify expectations and set requirements for participants
    (on both ends)

    Following up on the comment that “some of these online tools already exist”
    – Has the NPO staff identified existing overlapping services (ex. Nonprofit Webinars,
    “Online Webinars for Nonprofit Professionals and Trustees”,
    – Where duplicate services exist, has NPO differentiated its offerings?
    – Is there a potential to collaborate with other like services?

    Taking on the role to, as Deborah suggested, “knit all of these things together”, NPO Connect may evolve into a comprehensive nonprofit resource similar to how SeTookbelt ( serves the social enterprise sector.
    Looks like NPO Connect could be a very valuable tool for the nonprofit sector. Kudos to Kenny and Gavin

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